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Ah the French woman – is there anything she can’t do, can’t conquer and can’t pull off all while looking as though she’s stepped right out of the latest edition of Paris Vogue? Their look can give people the impression they spend hours staring into their closets, rummaging through bureau drawers and hunting high and low for the perfect accessories in order to pull off a balanced, casual and simple look. It’s true that dressing well is an investment of time and energy but these five secrets can make it easier.

Don’t Rush the Decision

grab and go
The look may be casual, but looking that great is anything but. Keep some staples in your wardrobe for days you truly do need to dress and dash, but otherwise take your time to pick out clothes at least as early as the night before. Some women even spend a few hours at the weekend constructing their outfits throughout the week so their evenings are left free and they’re still ready to grab and go on a frantic Monday morning.

Find Your Style and Work With It

find your own signature style
Fashion trends can be fun to experiment with but find your own signature style and then connect to the designers, brands and shops that cater to you. Going along with the latest trends now and again can be fun, but sticking to your own style gives you the confidence and grace you need to be a true fashion expert.

Make Friends With a Designer

Explore their past and present lines
You may not be able to trade tips with Calvin Klein or team up with Vera Wang for a lunch date, but finding a designer that fits your style and then making the most of their lines is the next best thing. When you find a designer that connects to your own sense of style and figure, don’t pick one two items and move along. Explore their past and present lines and dig deep to find just how much they offer.

Keep it Simple

less is more
The French women style of dress is often summed up with one word: Black. And lots of it. While black is slimming, easy to care for and goes with everything, it also embraces the most important rule of French dress – less is more. A simple, stripped down look often makes a more powerful statement than over the top patters or textures.

Embrace the Classic Cool

classics are classics
Every year designers unveil their newest twists on classic looks but French girls know that classics are classics for a reason. Thin striped shirts, a pair of comfortable flats, a little black dress and the iconic motorcycle jacket all deserve a place in your wardrobe and your regular rotation. These classic and iconic looks are always a sure bet and can dress up any look instantly.

These simple rules can help anyone achieve the glamour, fashion and feel of true French fashion. After all, French women aren’t revered all over the globe because they follow every trend, but because they are always one fashionable step ahead.


Source : pintrest

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