Tallinn Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2018

PIN Classypath
At the Fall 18/19 shows, Estonian fashion design industry, collaborates with fashion bloggers, models, celebs and street style icons to invite them for Tallinn Fashion Week at the Creative Hub. The fashion industry’s known designers – Diana Arno, Riina Põldroos, Ketlin Bachmann, Aldo Järvsoo, Brand No.8, Alexanderling, Mammu Couture and many more showcase their talent over runway.[…]

Weekend Festival 2018

One of the biggest and most popular EDM festival of the Baltics is going to held here in baltics – Estonia and Finland, during this Summer ( August 16 to 18) in Pärnu and (August 17 to 19 ) in Helenski. This festival is one of the important EDM festival you need to add in[…]

Sweet Spot Festival 2018

PIN Sweet Spot Festival
Another big event, Summer Sweet Spot Festival, taking place for the very first time at Tallinn Creative Hub’s Park (Kultuurikatel Park) on the 27th and 28th of July. The festival is all about delightful music, tasty bites and exciting pieces of art. The Festival is a blend of culture, lifestyle and nature where one can hear[…]

Tallinn Fashion Week Spring 2018

Tallinn Fashion Week 2018 collections brought the variation of eye-catching prints, especially florals, Pop of colours with some mystery and drama. Many Major Brands like Riverisland, Triinu pungit, Beatrice, Diana Arno, Tallinn Design House, Amanjeda Sport Couture, Monton, Diana Denissova, Mammu Couture, Embassy of Fashion and Riina Põldroos – showcased their spring collection.   The[…]

A Trip to the Land of Dreams

Dubai is the land of sun, sand, sea and dreams. It is one of those places you go to see what those on the other side of the world are up to. It is amazing what the rulers of the UAE have been able to achieve in just twenty-six years of rebuilding! Experiencing Dubai has[…]

Singapore – A City Break

PIN Singapore-Sky-Scraper
  Travelling for me is a means to explore the world and see all it has to offer. I have explored the world’s best cities, slept at the world’s best hotels and met different people from all kinds of tribes. The eating experience remains one of tentative curiosity. I have tried different cuisines including the[…]

What to Wear to a Concert

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This question is asked quite often by any girl, however the answer to it is incredibly simple – everything depends on a place to which you will go. It depends on where the event will be held and what it will look like. But thus don’t forget about your own style. In this post we[…]

What to Wear to an Interview

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You’ve sent out a million resumes, cold called every office in town and are on a first name basis with ever head hunter, talent scout and HR rep in a 50 mile radius. Looking for a job is hard enough, but what do you do once you land the interview? Everyone knows the pressure of[…]