Tallinn Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2018

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At the Fall 18/19 shows, Estonian fashion design industry, collaborates with fashion bloggers, models, celebs and street style icons to invite them for Tallinn Fashion Week at the Creative Hub. The fashion industry’s known designers – Diana Arno, Riina Põldroos, Ketlin Bachmann, Aldo Järvsoo, Brand No.8, Alexanderling, Mammu Couture and many more showcase their talent over runway.[…]

Tallinn Fashion Week Spring 2018

Tallinn Fashion Week 2018 collections brought the variation of eye-catching prints, especially florals, Pop of colours with some mystery and drama. Many Major Brands like Riverisland, Triinu pungit, Beatrice, Diana Arno, Tallinn Design House, Amanjeda Sport Couture, Monton, Diana Denissova, Mammu Couture, Embassy of Fashion and Riina Põldroos – showcased their spring collection.   The[…]

What to Wear to a Concert

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This question is asked quite often by any girl, however the answer to it is incredibly simple – everything depends on a place to which you will go. It depends on where the event will be held and what it will look like. But thus don’t forget about your own style. In this post we[…]

What to Wear to an Interview

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You’ve sent out a million resumes, cold called every office in town and are on a first name basis with ever head hunter, talent scout and HR rep in a 50 mile radius. Looking for a job is hard enough, but what do you do once you land the interview? Everyone knows the pressure of[…]

How to Make a Flower Crown

How you style your hair can have a huge effect on how you look. This may seem like I’m stating the obvious here but it’s surprising how many women just don’t bother putting much thought into their hair as they are planning their outfit. That’s why so many of us end up going with a[…]