Tallinn Fashion Week 2018

Tallinn Fashion Week 2018

Year’s major fashion event of Estonia, Tallinn Fashion Week 2018 is going to be held at Kultuurikatel.

The Tallinn fashion week 2018 in Kultuurikatel takes place from 22 – 24 March 2018, showcasing designers spring collections.

Thursday 22 March

18:00 River Island & Triinu Pungits

19:30 Beatrice & Diana Arno

21:00 Tallinn Design House & Amanjeda Sport Couture

Friday 23 March

18:00 Monton

19:30 Diana Denissova & Mammu Couture

21:00 Embassy of Fashion: Ketlin Bachmann, Aldo Järvsoo & Riina Põldroos

Saturday 24 March

16:00 Mimi Disain & Dadamora

17:30 Bebe Organic, Amiki & Vilve Unt

19:00 Klikkklakk & Kalamaja Printsess

Book tickets to Tallinn Fashion events here from Piltetilevi. The tiered tickets are priced from €14.50 to €30.50.

For full details visit The Tallinn Fashion Week Facebook Page.



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