What to Wear With Leggings

Leggings. Just that one word usually conjures up the same idea for most women – lazy weekend outfit featuring a big sweater or sweatshirt. While this may be the iconic look for leggings, it’s not the only option you have. In fact, leggings have become more than just what you throw on when everything else is in the wash, now they’re a fashion staple that combines comfort and style.

The original problem with leggings was that people tended to try and wear them as a substitute for jeans. The resulting look ran the gamut from simply strange looking to downright scary. Leggings cannot – and should not – be worn as if they are just plain old trousers. Instead they should be worn as a way to compliment your legs and let your top shine.

Generally speaking, leggings are worn as a solid color, almost like a great pair of tights. While patterned leggings do have a place in your wardrobe, the solid colors offer the most versatility. Women often wonder what to wear with leggings besides their favorite baggy sweater. Designers and stylists have been quick to create a number of different looks to make the most out of them.

As a rule of thumb, leggings pair best with larger, oversized and flowing shirts

As a rule of thumb, leggings pair best with larger, oversized and flowing shirts. This keeps the outfit from turning into a skin tight look more appropriate for SCUBA diving or working out. But a more form fitting top can work with leggings if you layer it with something that flows nicely or a chunky eternity scarf. Blazers, crop jackets, baby doll dresses and even that lovely old flannel from your first boyfriend can all be used with leggings to pull off beautiful looks.

While most of the focus on leggings is deciding which shirts to wear with leggings, it’s important not to overlook the toe aspect of ‘head to toe’. Pairing up leggings and boots is easy and fun, since a simple shoe change can alter a whole look. Match up a simple white loose top, tan scarf, matching solid leggings with knee high boots and you’re a posh equestrian. Switch those knee high riding boots from chunky booties and suddenly you’re a campfire cutie.

The bottom line is that leggings are comfortable. They give women the ability to pull of a stunning, casual and friendly look without having to squeeze into anything. At the same time, their versatility means you can create a stylish look that fits in just about anywhere a casual attitude is welcomed. Leggings can be paired with baby doll dresses and leather jackets for a bohemian look, dressed up with a sweater or paired with your favorite flannel shirt and comfy chunky shoes for a crisp afternoon hike. The only trick to finding the perfect look is being willing to experiment and have fun which is usually he secret to almost any fashionable look.

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