Tallinn Fashion Week Spring 2018


Tallinn Fashion Week 2018 collections brought the variation of eye-catching prints, especially florals, Pop of colours with some mystery and drama.

Many Major Brands like Riverisland, Triinu pungit, Beatrice, Diana Arno, Tallinn Design House, Amanjeda Sport Couture, Monton, Diana Denissova, Mammu Couture, Embassy of Fashion and Riina Põldroos – showcased their spring collection.
The Runway was full of the variety of evening gowns, wedding gowns and sometimes very revealing dresses at the catwalk. On the other hand, some collection brought semi-sheer and lacy dresses.
Colours were lovely and vibrant at the show.
The last day of Tallinn Fashion Week 2018, was dedicated to the children’s. The ramp was full of The bubbly children’s with lots of talent for Mimi Disain, Dadamora, Bebe Organic, Amiki & Vilve Unt, Klikkklakk & Kalamaja Printses Spring was Collection. The collection of these in-house designers was all about Some pastel colours for children, youngers and old ones.

Scarf dressing - my personal favourite

Scarf dressing – my personal favourite
Long Earings
Glittered Shoes

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