Onion Route – Trip to South-Estonia

Tartu is a river town that is located in eastern Estonia. The second-largest city after Tallinn. It is also known as the “Athens of Emajõgi River”.

It’s famous as a sTARTUp city, for one of the biggest business game in the Baltics – Startup Day Festival

sTARTUp Day takes place every year in Tartu, Estonia. Speakers, Startups, Executives, and Investors from all around the world gather here with their innovative ideas.

During this festival, Some VIPs and speakers had the opportunity to visit the Onion Route Village that is an hour away from university town Tartu and was organized by the Startup Day. Here, I am going to share what we explored on this trip…

The Onion Route: One area, two nationalities, three cultures

Its rich cultural diversity – there are Russian Old Believers, the manor culture of the Baltic Germans and the Estonian peasant culture which is 40 km away from university town Tartu.

Onion Route – what is the Onion route?

The name “Onion Route“ comes from the fact that the area is famous for its onions but the term also refers to a metaphorical expression of layers – just as onions have different layers. the fact is, this land is more fertile for growing onion. The reason for its fertility is quite simple, that is, the soil near the river contains minerals and this village is on the shore of Lake Peipus.

Alatskivi Castle

Before heading towards the magical castle which is situated on the eastern border and inspired by the Balmoral Castle in Scotland. One should have some meals. Kivi Tavern, where our group had good lunch, offers the best options for food and drinks such as fish dishes are delicious.

Inspired by the Balmoral Castle in Scotland

As this trip was organized by Startup Day, we had a guide as an additional service to explain the manor culture of the Baltic Germans. During the Manor visit, we tasted the five different flavors of wines made of local berries and herbs. Believe me, each one had its magic. The tour guide of the castle told us countless stories about its history and well-described renovation process. This Manor Tour visited worth.

Life of Old Believers

Yes! On the shore of Peipsi, the Russian old believers who moved here in the 17th century, living their life. The main trade of these villagers is fishing. So, we got acquainted with the life and traditions of an old believer by the host at Mesi Tare. It is located in the village of Old Believers, Varnja.

Samovar tea with cooked sugar is a typical tradition of Russian old believers. They use to drink a lot of tea and keep it hot in Samovar. We all had evening tea with a few cookies. This place was too warm than usual because of the Russian over. Beds were so comfy and the place has a capacity of up to 10 people at a time. For more information, you can check their website.


Samovar tea with cooked sugar is a typical tradition of Russian old believers

You can book your accommodation and enjoy the services provided by Mesi Tare such as Boats and bicycles are available for rental, smoke saunas, bathing barrel, during the winter- driving on a frozen lake, etc. It was such a nice experience to be there. we get the chance to know the Startup world more closely. We back to the city by 7:00 PM because everything was planned.

VIP PARTY – Kolm Tilli

Organized by the Startup Day for VIPs and Speakers at Kolm Tilli, known as the best restaurant in Tartu. I was stunned by the service how they served such a large gathering in a great way. A wonderful combination of quality and food. They also have a bar. Suitable for all kinds of people.

I’m thankful to startup day for having me with them this year. See you all there in 2021.

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