A Guide to Black Tie Attire for Women

As the weather turns cool and the holidays appear on the horizon, plenty of women will begin to receive invitations for formal, black tie events. They may be gatherings for work, charity dinners or even family get-togethers that take on a formal air. Whatever the reason for the gathering, the dress code can give plenty of women pause for thought.

When you style yourself after classic fashionistas like Jackie O, black tie formal wear may come easily to you. Women with this style know that the little black dress is truly the most valuable item in their wardrobe and they dress it up simply with classic, traditional pieces. Pair up your simple dress with a necklace, matching earrings and outerwear that pulls the outfit together even as you’re making your way from the car to the entrance way.Chic women love the Breakfast at Tiffany’s look, blending classic style with modern flair and just a touch of subtle sexiness. The power for chic comes from its crisp style lines, classic colours and timeless styles matched with bold accessories that draw in a person’s eye – and their attention. Let’s face it, chic always looks clean, classy and well put together, so it’s a fairly easy look to upgrade to formal wear. A simple black dress in French women style turns into a gown when you choose one with a classic and form-fitting front but a dazzling back. Remember that chic plays one against the other, so keep either your accessories or your outfit simple, and then make it pop with the other.Some people separate Whimsical from Bohemian looks but when it comes to formal wear, the approach for each of these groups is the same. It’s about combining the traditions and classical looks of formal wear with enough flavour and personality for these women. Women with this style are more comfortable in flowing, flirty dresses and gowns that move with them and leave people wondering who that woman could be. Choose light prints, gauzy fabrics and styles that flare and flatter.Finally we come to the women who love to push boundaries. For these women the question isn’t about how to wear black tie, it’s about how to elevate it. An avant-garde approach isn’t for everyone, but for those who have mastered it, formal wear means bringing together art and fashion in a very real way. Forget the basic black dress, you’re going to need to take inspiration from the androgynous style of Yohji Yamamoto or the clean and slightly subdued lines of Thierry Mugler’s designs.

Black tie attire for women is often thought of as being a bit dowdy, a bit glum and all-together not a whole lot of fun. But that’s all changed now – the rules and the options have embraced a bit of modern-day fun and today it’s easier than ever for any woman to find black tie clothes that fit the occasion and still reflect her own sense of style.


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