What to Wear to an Interview


Style Tips to Help You Get the Job You Wanted

You’ve sent out a million resumes, cold called every office in town and are on a first name basis with ever head hunter, talent scout and HR rep in a 50 mile radius. Looking for a job is hard enough, but what do you do once you land the interview? Everyone knows the pressure of wanting to make a good first impression but when a potential dream job is on the line, suddenly everything in your wardrobe seems all wrong. Before you panic, read through these five simple rules to help you choose the perfect outfit without losing your sanity.

It may seem a bit silly to begin with a rule about underwear, but choosing a comfortable set of undergarments is more important than you may think. Make sure you select underwear and a bra that fits well, stays in place and makes you feel good. No matter how great your outfit, wiggling around in your chair to shift your underwear or bra will make you look fidgety at best.While you don’t want to exactly mirror the style of the company exactly, you do want to show you can fit in right from the start. If you’ve already visited the office think about what you saw people wearing as you dropped off your resume or met with HR. If you haven’t been there in person, check out the company’s online profile for candid photos of the staff. This will give you an idea of how formal or casual the office is and will help guide your style for the interview.Most women learn what colors work for them pretty early on, but few realise those ideal colors can change as you age. Spend some time checking out the new colors which may flatter. If you’re not sure or think you may need help, contact a professional color consultant or visit a good boutique – salespeople there are often trained on how to help clients find the perfect colors, shades and cuts.When deciding what to wear to an interview, remember that a classic look is classic for a reason. Even in an office where a more modern look is the norm, a touch of classic style not only fits in, it attracts the right kind of attention. Try pencil skirts, classy suits with trousers and stiletto shoes to finish that look.No matter what the corporate culture and regardless of the job description, attention to detail is always important. Show that you have that skill in spades before you say a word by taking care of the details of how to dress for an interview. Quite often, interviewers notice the details even more than the outfit. The top five most common complaints include simple things like a belt that doesn’t match, too much perfume, over the top makeup and clothes which are too small, too tight or which otherwise make the interviewee ill at ease.

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