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Fall 2017 - Classypath

When Duke Ellington wrote “It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing” he probably wasn’t thinking about fashion, but the sentiment holds true. Swing fashion has enjoyed a recent revival and while a lot of focus is directed on the dresses, hair and makeup, swing style jackets and coats are a great way to really bring the look together.

Duke Ellington wrote “It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing”

Swing style coats are the perfect accessory for swing style dresses since they follow the outlines and style of the dresses so perfectly. Generally speaking, swing fashion coats feature a simple collar and button front with a cinched waist that flares along the bottom half. Essentially, they mirror the dresses from that time and are a great way to add a bit of kick to any outfit, swing fashion or not.

Jackets inspired from swing fashion are a bit more casual and a bit closer to wraps, in many cases. Many are still inspired from the swing fashion of the jazz age but many swing jackets are simply classic. There are a number of style for swing jackets but the main three styles are:

Fall 2017-Classypath

These jackets still embody the swing style of the jazz age and feature a look similar to traditional swing coats but without the cinched waist. Traditional swing jackets are more forgiving than coats making them more versatile than coats.


Lately jackets with a layered look and larger laps have been called swing jackets, perhaps for the art deco lines or perhaps because they swing open so easily. Whatever the reason, the look is a great union of classic style and modern art.

Finally there are the swing jackets that look similar to wraps or shrugs. These jackets are short, many waist level or higher, but still have a fashionable collar and hood. Shorter sleeves and interior pockets make this a simple, clean lined accessory in warmer weather.

Picking the Perfect Swing Coat or Jacket

While the styles may differ, there are some key things to watch for when you pick a new swing fashion coat or jacket:


There are plenty of new jackets and coats available but some people love the look of vintage clothes. When shopping in second-hand and consignment shops, keep in mind the age of these jackets and check the stitching inside and out as well as along the corner of any pockets. Look for shiny areas on the fabric as well as this can signal a poor quality fabric or a previous dry cleaning disaster – either way, steer clear.

The Waist

The classic style for many swing coats is with a cinched waist. Note how it fits when you try it on and keep in mind the thickness of what you intend to wear with it. Choose a size that fits well but offers a bit of wiggle room.


Swing jackets can be shorter and more lightweight than coats so compare the two side by side if you can’t make up your mind. There are many swing jackets now made from heavier fabrics so finding one that keeps you warm shouldn’t be hard, but make sure to consider how short the jacket is before making a commitment.

The Usual Suspect

Splurging on a swing coat or jacket is fun so it’s easy to get caught up in matching the color to your dress or falling in love with quirky embellishments or designs. But consider the color as it relates to your wardrobe beyond your swing inspired collections. Swing coats and jackets are a versatile style so you should be able to use the jacket or coat regularly.

Swing style can liven up any outfit and is such a classic style that it will never be out of fashion. Nevertheless, finding the perfect one may take some time. Consider where you’ll wear it and what you’ll wear it with in order to narrow down your search. Coats offer the warmest options but jackets can be more versatile and offer a combination of classic black tie attire style with a modern touch. Ultimately, the time you spend hunting down the perfect match will be time well spent and your wardrobe will thank you for it.


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